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Who we are

D.and D. catering was founded by a Canadian businessman and an Austrian chef in 2003 in Russia. We spezialised on food services for western expats in Moscow setting quality standards in food and service for canteens where before was served "Buckwheat and meatballs". During the last 13 years we were subcontracted by the AAS Moscow, the American Embassy, the British Embassy, the Consulate of Austria, The German school of Moscow as well as 4 international schoos in St.Petersburg.


Our philosophy

At times when the Russian market was not well assorted with imported products and labour was rather cheap, we decided to make a virtue of necessity and produce nearly everything that our clients expected from scratch. Sandwich bread, Muffins, Bagels, dougnuts - we bake it freshly ourselves. Pasta for Lasagna, we mix and roll ourselves, meatballs and cannelloni, everything 100% handmade. All soups- made from real veggies and bones. No chemicals, no preservatives. That is our trademark combined with a high level of service and flexibility. 


Our catering services are frequantly booked within the communities of our coporate clients. Birthday parties, corporate parties, personalized cakes, hot dogs at the soccer field, BBQs in the woods and boat trips - pick up or served, with plastic spoons or high class dinners, whatever comes up, we are a reliable partner. Please find some examples ofthe events we catered in the section "catering". There are noexample menus, every event is tailored to the clients mesures. Rates are human. Requesting a quote is for free.

We love what we are doing!