1. Middle students will have their lunch in the North cafeteria.


2. Middle School students can top up their balance on the cards here.. 

Use the "Online Pre-payment" button above to top up the balance.

 Please note that the money will be credited to your account only on the following day after the payment was done.

If made on a Friday or over the weekend, the money will be credited only on the following Monday.

If the money has not been credited to the account, call the number +7(903)708-77-41. (Mon-Fri  8.00-17.00) or E-mail: mos.cafeteria@aas.ru


3. Please note that the cafeteria will not accept cash anymore as a prevention measure against COVID-19. 

So it is NECESSARY to top up your account in order to use the cafeteria services.

Middle School students can also use credit cards for purchases in the cafeteria..

This menu is for the current week.

High / Middle school menu