To prepay in our cafeterias is NECESSARY for Elementary School Students who want to 

receive school lunches and POSSIBLE for all others.

Please use the attached form  and pay at the ES-Prepayment point (outside the ES office),  at any cash desk in the North 

Cafeteria or the prepayment machine near the ES-Cafeteria.

Your contact persons for

  • ES-Prepayments … Irina Sviridova
  • MS and HS-Prepayments … Kari  Badibanga                 

Both to be found in the cafeteria or at



  1. To join the prepayment plan you have to bring the completed form and money to the prepayment point or to the cafeteria cash desks or you use the prepayment machine near ES-cafeteria.
  2. Once the prepayment is accepted, the money will be credited on your family account the next day.
  3.  To use the prepayment the student has to swipe the card through the scanners at the cash desks. Without the card the prepayment money cannot be accessed.
  4. Any operation on your account can be checked online at
  5. Once the credit drops below 700 Rub, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail. For that purpose the admission office has to know your current e-mail address.
  6. If a card is stolen or lost, you can block it via internet or ask security to do that.
  7. Un-used money on your account is paid back at the end of the school year or whenever your child leaves school